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my work…

Here is a small sam­ple of some of the projects I have worked on:

  • Shepherd’s Heart, Global Game Jam 2013 I designed all the sound effects for this awe­some twin stick shooter for Xbox and Win­dows that was cre­ated in under 48 hours.


  • Omega HeroI directed voice actors and assisted in record­ing dia­log for Crazy­Rock Cre­ative to com­plete this side scrolling beat’em up for iPhone and Android.


  • King­dom Ele­men­talI edited dia­log and assisted in record­ing voice tal­ent for this well received PC Real Time Strat­egy game from Chronic Logic.


my exper­tise…

  • Sound Design
  • Voice Act­ing 
  • Record­ing, Edit­ing, and Mix­ing Sound Effects
  • Audio Mid­dle­ware and Implementation


my expe­ri­ence…

  • Game Audio Designer for GP Games (2008 – Present) at Full Sail Uni­ver­sity… I have worked on well over 100 games of many gen­res and styles while at Full Sail as a full-time employee hon­ing my game audio skills with 5 years of prac­tic­ing sound design, voice act­ing, edit­ing, mix­ing, record­ing, audio imple­men­ta­tion, and train­ing and teach­ing interns. Their web­site,, has many of the games I have worked on show­cased with videos and down­loads for the games themselves.


what soft­ware do I know?

  • Sound Forge
  • Pro-Tools
  • Wwise
  • FMOD


my edu­ca­tion…

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Enter­tain­ment Busi­ness Full Sail Uni­ver­sity – Win­ter Park, Florida – 2010
  • Asso­ciate of Sci­ence in Record­ing Arts Full Sail Uni­ver­sity – Win­ter Park, Florida – 2007
  • Asso­ciate of Lib­eral Arts Ohlone Col­lege – Fre­mont, CA – 2006