About Marksman

Marks­man, who’s real name is Chris Marks, is an audio pro­fes­sional who has worked on over 150 games since 2007, pro­vid­ing sound effects, dia­log, direc­tion, and imple­men­ta­tion through var­i­ous auido API’s (Appli­ca­tion Pro­gram­ming Inter­faces) or audio middleware.

Marks­man  cur­rently works at Full Sail Uni­ver­sity as an Audio Direc­tor for the University’s Game Devel­op­ment Final Project.

With spe­cial­ties in Sound Design, Voice Act­ing, and API’s, like Wwise, the Marks­man is among the video game industry’s pro­fes­sion­als that know how to pro­vide an immer­sive and inter­ac­tive audio experience.